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Roberts’s debut pulsates with warmth as she examines women’s roles in their later years, characterizing her writing as “a radical reconsideration of what it means to grow old.”
― BookLife Reviews
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The Blossoming of Women is a thoughtful and generous self-help guide for women facing late-life changes; it suggests means of writing one’s own robust, fruitful final chapter.
― Foreword Clarion Reviews
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The Blossoming of Women surveys a new age’s ripe potentials, cementing them with biographical sketches of women who serve as examples of the fruits of this process. It concludes each feature with questions women can use for self-inspection, reflection, and discussion, such as: “What aspects of her crisis, the death of so many close to her in a short period, seem similar to your dark place?”. . . Filled with inspirational and educational opportunities, it promotes a different vision of elder years and retirement that translates not to retiring from life, but entering into another phase of efficiency and meaningful thoughts, actions, and choices. Beautiful nature images throughout support the gentle feel and uplifting spirit of these stories.
― D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
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Older women looking for a route to blossoming anew will find rewards in these pages.
― BluInk
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The Blossoming of Women brings us a new, wide sweep of research, personal stories, and thought-provoking questions to help fortify and guide us to our unique role as elders. Elders who are decidedly not alone, lost, or forgotten but deeply involved and connected in a world where we make a distinctive and valuable contribution to the whole as we become more truly ourselves.
― Judy Vasos, Author, “My Dear Good Rosi, Letters from Nazi-Occupied Holland 1940-1943”

This is a book well worth reading and implementing. It flows with both the intellectual and spiritual, and it reaches for the wisdom of the sacred found among the Native American and Tibetan and Māori traditions. Highly recommended.
― Kent Ferguson, author of “Firesongs, Morning Musings, Evening Embers.”

Author Karen Roberts has thrown down a challenge to the women in her cohort, looking to the future rather than the past. The women whom she has interviewed have all found ways to make the third of their lives the most vital, and each of them has come to this in a different way so that readers have the chance to find kindred souls and possible paths among them. The workbook parts of the book are invaluable guides to the best ways for each of us to find life where we have often been told there is only decline. I recommend this workbook to my fellow searchers in the world beyond youth.
― Kathleen Chalfant, Actor