About the Authors

Karen Roberts

Karen Marie Roberts received an MS degree in human development after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1990. Her interests moved from alternative healing to gerontology and stages of aging. In graduate school, this became a concentration in creative longevity and phenomenology. Prior to this, Karen was a Director of Research for a French investment firm in New York City. She attended Wellesley College, UC Berkeley, and Fielding Graduate School. When not traveling or walking her dog, Karen enjoys life in Santa Ynez, California, including horseback riding as therapy, communing with nature, and following her heart’s path.

Dana Jaffe attended Bryn Mawr College and earned master’s degrees in urban planning from Harvard and history of art from Columbia. Her friendship with Karen developed into a special creative collaboration that led to the publication of Journeys: Healing Through Nature’s Wisdom and The Blossoming of Women. In both projects, Dana discovered a love for supporting self-expression and the writing process as an editor and co-author. She and her husband live in Santa Barbara, where they share the joys of beach walks, toy trains, and bedtime stories with their young son.

Karen and Dana

Karen and Dana signing books at the Tecolote Book Shop, August 2023